Dining Car End Door Automatic Opener
Controller Schematic   not available

The Dining Car Pneumatic Door Opener Controller replaces (the missing) electromechanical controller. The door has inputs: the OPEN switches on the faces of the door (single input); the HOLD OPEN switch on the outside frame of the door, a 'DOOR IS OPEN" limit switch; a "DOOR IS CLOSED" limit switch, provision for a "DOOR IS LOCKED" sense switch; a "DOOR EDGE CONTACT SWITCH" (microswitch in the rubber edge of the door); and the Status Output from a garage door sensor. The garage door sensor was added at a height to detect small children since they might not be stong enough to activate the door edge contact switch. The control is simply the two air selenoids, one is an ENABLE and the other is DIRECTION. Tested with shop air at 90 PSI, the door operated (the manual says 110 PSI). The controller initally closses the door with a few pulses of air since first application of air could cause the door to hard-slam closed.

The controller schematic was lost when the software company went out of business and there was no way to transfer the program to newer computers.