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November  2005

Bonnie the birthday girl was set to party.


Off to Hot Springs Arkansas.  Tara and Frank and Natalie rented a condo there, so Bonnie found one nearby and invited our friends Dave and Carol Ann to join us. 
Roger and Dave hiked up to the tower, and then rode the elevator to the top to enjoy the view.  Bonnie and Tara and Carol Ann decided that they wanted to enjoy a traditional Bath treatment.  Frank and Natalie went to see the botanical gardens.
We all went to play some golf - a unique experience.  The few clubs that they had for rent were a "garage sale mix" - no such thing as a set.  So we got some handfuls of clubs and shared as best we could.  With all of the trees on the course, there were lots of leaves, so sometimes finding your ball was a challenge.  But the weather was beautiful, so we all had a good time.
In Little Rock, we visited a farmers market, toured a historical museum, and had lunch at the famous "Flying Saucer" cafe - some alien theme, but really refering to all of the plates on the wall.  We went by the Clinton Library, but were too late for a visit.
At the Crater of Diamonds State Park, we spent the day looking for diamonds.  Seven of us for several hours - and not the tiniest diamond among us.