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January 2007

New Year's Day was a beautiful day for a hike.  We hiked the long loop of the POW Trails through Bootleg Canyon.  The trailhead is a few tenths of a mile east of the veteran's nursing home on Veteran's Memorial Drive in Boulder City. 

The facility at the top of the hill is an aviation navigation system.  The large antennas on the right are for VOR DME which provide direction and distance to aircraft.  The antennas on the left are for the aviation weather station.

Looking toward the southwest, Boulder City is barely a dot from this vantage point.  Next goal - hike all of the way through the Bootleg Canyon and exit on the River Mountain Trails on the other side.
A little "Thank You" party was held at the home of Linda Smith (Opportunity Village).  She presented our Club a check for our volunteer work in support of the Forest Express Railroad trains.
As of January 16, I resigned the responsibilities of Chief of Railroad Operations for the Forest Express Railroad.  I had fulfulled those obligations for two seasons.
And, of course, lots of casual social events such as having a luncheon to celbrate Carol's birthday.  (Any excuse to go out for lunch?  Sure!)

At the end of the month, we held our annual "Thank You" luncheon for the Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.  While the primary emphasis is for those who participated in Opportunity Village, it is open to all members.

This year, entertainment was provided by the Nevada Old Time Fiddlers Association.  Our Club members Ardel H and Bill T are players.