Well, 2019 has been an emotional roller-coaster - but with the highs outnumbering the lows, we had a "net good" year. A couple of Roger’s medical issues were downers, but on the upside we were able to move back into our house in March (our house fire had been May 30th 2018). The reconstruction was good but of course left lots of little projects, including unpacking and re-storing stuff from over 400 moving boxes that had been in storage. We finally achieved "room for car in the garage" Thanksgiving week, leaving just a few outside projects that will have to wait for warmer weather.

We took time to travel. On our several trips to Seattle we stayed with daughter Kathy (and husband Frank) - in July for Bonnie's annual family picnic (attended by Bonnie's soon-to-be 100 aunt Helen) - in August for Bonnie's 60th high school reunion - and in November the kids put on a birthday party for Bonnie. In April Daughter Tara (and husband Chris) joined us in Alexandria VA with Chris (a native of the area) being our tour guide - and they visited us in Vegas to celebrate their third anniversary. For our 52nd anniversary in September, we went to Cancun and were joined by son Lance (and wife Pam) celebrating their 31st anniversary. A week in Phoenix and a couple of short trips to Laughlin (just because) mixed with lots of local activities filled the year.

We hope that you and family are also "net good".

Roger & Bonnie