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September  2005

Finally the weather is cool enough to work at Opportunity Village.  Many of the ties at the public crossings have softened (rotted) and need to be replaced.  We removed the track, dug down about 4" below the level of the ties, filled with gravel, and will put the new ties on the compacted gravel.  (Wish I had taken a picture of Dan running the Pogo style compactor - don't know who went up and down more, Dan or the compactor!)
And then a fabulous surprise.  A package from Madeline arrived with a ceramic picture.  All of the picture elements are crafted in ceramic.  A most unusual work of art.
At the end of the month, we took a weekend off from work at Opportunity Village and from the trains at Boulder City, and went with the Jaguar Club (that's Shirley and Jerry sitting near us) for a weekend in St. George Utah.  The Tuacahn theater is an open air stadium seating rock mountain background setting.  Our Club has tried to make it an annual event to visit Tuacahn.