August  2005

August was the start of a new project at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.  Steam locomotive 6264 (formerly known as 264) was brought from the junkyard down to the shop to begin cosmetic restoration.  In other words, give it a coat of black paint to help preserve it.
We went with the MIT alumni club to the annual meeting at the Kennedy's cabin on Mt. Charleston.  Would you believe the amount of hail we got on August 14th?  Of course, it melted off fairly quickly, but what a surprise.
And then it was Birthday time.  Oh happy birthday, to me.
A visit from Lance and family wouldn't be complete without a train ride.  And because of friends in high places (well, Bonnie and me), Lance got to ride in the cab.
For his birthday, Mr. Guitar got a Fender shirt and was treated like a king.
As they were ready to go, the whole family suffered through the trauma of having a family portrait taken.
Click here to see some of Stehpanie's photos of their trip.


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