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MAY 2007

YES,  that really is the light at the end of the tunnel.  Bonnie's hiking / swimming group hiked all five of the tunnels on the Railroad Trail.  The trail starts by the Alan Bible Visitor's Center and follows the roadbed of the railroad that took the supplies to build Hoover Dam.
For Mother's Day, Bonnie got two nice surprises - a beautiful flower arrangement, and a vist from her cousin David and wife Gail.
The next hike was through Bootleg Canyon to the aircraft navigation antennas.  Quite a view of the Eldorado Valley behind Diane and Joann.
Then Bonnie headed off to Seattle.  There was a Cystic Fibrosis marathon and walk fundraiser, and Bonnie helped grandson Nick's wife Andrea at the event.  Nick has Cystic Fibrosis.
Then it was off to visit family and friends.  First was the "May Birthdays" group stopping at Alice's.  In Kingston, Aunt Helen had lunch for some of the cousins.  Cousin Bill was in attendance by photograph.
Frank and Kathy's friends Dave and Catherine came by to help Frank celebrate his birthday.  One candle?  I guess they didn't want to set the house on fire.
A visit with high school classmates Sidney and Mike.  Mike took them to the Kitsap Live Steamers park to see the model trains - including Mike's train.

Click here to see more photos from the Live Steamers park

Mid May.  Bonnie's in Seattle. Temperatures are in the high 90's, so of course it's time for me to start an outdoor project.  Just a little one, I thought.  Just the stump of a little bush by the pool pumps needs to be removed.  HA!  Roots four to six inches in diameter on all sides - three levels of roots - and all roots were as hard as furniture wood.  Managed to destroy six sawzall blades and ruin one carbide tipped circular saw blade.  But then all the roots were severed.
And just to add to the excitement, there are two 1.5" water pipes (for the pool), two 0.75" water lines, two exectrical condiuts along the back (telephone, audio, 110VAC), and I still havent found the conduits bringing the 220VAC to the pumps.
5/21/07 With the help of a come-along and a nearby tree, the stump is now out of the hole!  Note the end of a 6" diameter root by the water pumps.  Note the slope of the concrete pad under the water pumps.  Yup, the root was lifting the pad.  Fixing that damage will be the next project - that is - after I've removed all of the growth from around the water pipes and conduits. 
To see all of the photos of the project, click here (1,400 KB).