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Pool Project  ---    May 21, 2007 through August 9, 2007

And finally, time to start the reconstruction.  Starting with the electrical going to the tier lights and corner lamp, remove the phone lines from the 120VAC electrical conduit and repair the conduit.
The form for the concrete was put into place, soil waas compacted, rebar was driven into the ground to provide stabilizing posts for the concrete and the 4" steel mesh.  Bonnie and I then hand mixed and poured 5000 psi (driveway strength) concrete to form the pad.  Note that the original piping had to be kept in place and operational thoughout the project to this point.
The planning process had included lots of tries at layouts for the equipment.  Then "the moment of truth" as the filter and pumps were bolted to the pad, and the pipes were cut and re-routed to ne new valves.  The only electrical conduit that was moved was the one going west to the tier lights.
Filled around the pipes with 1,800 pounds of sand (carried in 100# bags).  Then backfilled with regular soil.  Broke up and removed the old concrete pad, covered the soil with landscape cloth and covered the cloth with stone to match the rest of the yard.
Everything worked for a few days, and then the pump motor still ran, but there was no water being pumped.  Got the pump impeller replaced under warranty and it's now working fine.