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Completion of the second major project of the summer - the epoxying of the pool deck.  This year, rather than continuing with the clear epoxy with the natural rock finish (which had darkened with age), we decided to use a solid color (would you believe that Behr calls it "Wool Coat").  Directly around the pool we applied 11 gallons of epoxy primer, and then a total of 43 gallons of color epoxy - all with 4" brushes to get into the textured rock surfaces (no, a long-nap roller did not work).
John and Bettianne came for a short visit - their first to Las Vegas.  So much to see, so little time.  I had asked John if they would mind some walking - of course he said no problem.  Well, my idea of "some walking" apparently is far more than John's - he ended up calling me the Energizer Bunny as we took yet another detour to see another sight.
We also squeezed in non-casino sights, went to St. George Utah to see a play, saw the big-horn sheep by Lake Mead, took the mandatory ride on the train.  But that still leaves lots of stuff to do and see on their next visit.
As a special event for the British Auto Club, we arranged for a lunch on the train.  Bonnie and I ordered the food from Costco and served the 42 guests buffet style from the kitchen of the dining car.  We had also arranged for Jim and Marilyn to be tour guides for some of the people who met at the Fiesta and toured Lake Mead on the way to the train station.
Then a big event for Bonnie and me.  Federal Railroad Administration examiner Vince was in town for a week evaluating our skill levels for our FRA locomotive driver's licenses.  We both needed more practice coupling and uncoupling cars into a train - but are both three of the four steps along toward the full license.
Bonnie and I were invited to the wedding of Bonnie's long-time manacurist Dana.  It was held at the "Little Church of the West" wedding chapel on Las Vegas Blvd.  They were very efficient at getting everything and everyone put into place, having a ceremony with all of the right words, and getting everyone cleared out so that the next wedding could proceed.