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How easy it is to loose touch with people.  Hovey's son Matt and his family happened to ride the train when Bonnie and I were working, so we were able to contact and renew acquaitenances with Hovey.
And speaking of riding the train, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (top center, white shirt tan pants) came to ride (and drive) the train.  That's Bonnie second from his right and me on the first step. 
Off to San Francisco to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  We stayed at the St. Francis on Union Square, and except for one day, used an all-metro pass to ride cable cars, busses, trollies, and the Metro subway.
The cable car terminus was just two blocks (downhill) from the hotel, so we could wait in line for a guaranteed seat.  Great transportation when using the unlimited ride pass rather than paying $5 for each trip.
The Cable Car Museum is also the power house for all of the cables.  Each line is one continuous cable driven through the streets from this location.
The Ferry Terminal interior has been converted into shops and a sort of farmer's market.  This is the first time I can recall seeing selection of cheeses for sale at over $50 per pound!
Many interesting shops and sculptures everywhere along the waterfront.
The Sea Lions have taken over these docks.  You can hear them before you can see them, and you can smell them before that.

Fisherman's Warf

Ghiradelli Square.  Unfortunately, the Maritime Museum at this location was not open due to remodeling.
How could Roger and Bonnie go anywhere without at least trying for a train ride.  We rented a car for a day (for "only" about 1.5 times what a day of parking at our hotel would cost) and drove up to Napa to ride the Napa Valley Wine Train.  We had the Vista Dome with the gourmet lunch and wine complement for each course - wow.
We went to visit the Asian Art Museum, which just happend to be in the viscinity of the Capital building.  It was a little too overcast for that huge gold dome to stand out as it should in the photograph - but look closely and use your imagination.
No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to China Town.  When we got there, all of the streets leading into China Town were blocked to traffic.  It seems that we lucked into The Festival of the Moon.
So of course we had to join the celebration by eating Moon Cakes, Moon pies, Moon . . . (burp).
It arrived.  Our 40th wedding anniversary.  Diner was on the waterfront at A. Sabella's (not to be confused with Sabella's which has yummy crab and shrimp sandwichs from a sidewalk stand).
We took the Metro subway out to the Japanese Gardens.  It was a little late in the season for blooming flowers, but the overall presentation was impressive.
The Cliff House is now primarily a restaurant and gift shop.  But its original claim to fame was as a salt water bath house - enclosed on the beach.
Down at the beach is a cave with a surf blow-hole feature.  Looking back towrd Cliff House, you overlook the remains of the original bath house pools.
Lombard Street, looking out toward Coit Tower on the next hill, is billed as the world's steepest street.  So, everyone has to have a picture of their car coming down the hill.  We rode the cable car to the top and walked down.
Back home to Las Vegas, and to some beautiful roses to help continue the celebration of our anniversary.