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JULY 2007

July 1st and the pool project is still progressing.  But something gives me a clue that it's time to leave town for a while.
As we are driving through Tacoma and up to Kingston for the annual 4th of July family picnic, we spot Mt. Rainer through the windshield.  A very good omen for the day.  The top of the mountain is very elusive.
The boys of this Norwegian family seem to think that the 55 degree water of Puget Sound is just perfect for swimming.
Our granddaughter Stephanie and Bonnie's Aunt Helen, enjoying the beautiful day. 
John and Bettianne's daughter Amy and Bonnie's high school classmate Sidney, with Puget Sound and the Edmonds waterfront in the background
Then toward the north to vist or snowbird friends (they live in Las Vegas during the winter) Jim and Marilyn at their home on Lake Cavenaugh, northern Washington north-east of Mt. Vernon.  And a really scenic drive to get there.
Looking out from the house to the party boat, or relaxing on the boat, gorgeous settings and wonderful hosts. 

And while we're in the north, a ferry boat trip over to Lummi Island to visit our former neighbors Bobbie and Malcom.  On this island of a few hundred people, we had lunch at a wonderful restaurant - The Willows.  (By the way, that's a Volkswagen kit car next to Bonnie and me in The Willows parking lot.)

That is Mt. Baker in the distance across Puget Sound from their patio.

Directly across the street from their house was a small farmer's market.  Amazing how good sea food fresh from the boat can taste.
Next to their house was an interesting activity.  Those are long lines with some floats and lots of green plastic streamers.  Salmon fishing season for certain kinds of nets was about to open.  What these fishermen were doing was preparing artificial seaweed/kelp beds that would direct the migrating salmon into their nets.
Back in Las Vegas, we went with the British Auto Club to visit the car collection of Jim Rogers (Sunbelt Communications).  One warehouse was all sedans, and the other was all convertibles.  Every vehicle was in perfect running condition - like the V16 Cadillac.
Back at home, the pool project had finally turned the corner from destruction to construction.  Bonnie and I mixed the concrete and poured the new pad for the pumps.
One of the challenges was to keep the old punp system running while building around it.  We put in a new filter system, a new pool pump, but kept the existing waterfall pump.  And do note that those grey conduits on the right are a combination of 110 VAC for pool and tier lighting and 220 VAC for the pumps.  Don't want to accidently hit one of those.
To see all of the photos of the project, click here (1,400 KB).