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Well, its been a whole three weeks since we were in Seattle - thought the family might have forgotten who we are, so back again.  Stopped up to Maltby, but Don and Renee weren't home.  So we took our niece Oliva to lunch without them.
Kathy and Frank were gracious enough to host a brunch for all of the family.
And then to the real reason for the trip, the wedding of John and Bettianne's son Karl to Bethany.  The wedding and reception were outdoors at a mansion on Auburn that is now a County park.
Click here to see more wedding photos.
Back to Las Vegas and finally finish the pool plubing project.
For my birthday, Bonnie took me to lunch at the "Top of the World" restaurant at the Stratosphere Tower.  Of, course, we didn't take a camera with us.
As a birthday present, Frank and Kathy bought me a "sawzall" - how did they know that I had broken mine just a couple of weeks earlier.  So, a new tool means starting a new project - fortunately a small one.

The rest of the month was filled with the usual activites including several days of working on the Nevada Southern Railway in Boulder City (www.NevadaSouthern.com).

And Bonnie scheduled an event for the Jaguar Club to a place called "Ice Cream Overload" - an appropriate name!  The dish in front of her was called "Bacon and Eggs" - but is ice cream, whipped cream, peach halves and cookies.  YUM!