belated 50th Anniversary Cruise vacation
   Day 3 --- April 26th, 2018

Thursday April 26, 2018, Port of Liverno, Tour of Florence
This morning we were up early since we weren't yet adjusted to the nine hour time difference. But we had buffet breakfast (as we ended up doing every day) on the 14th deck. The weather forecast was for mild (sweater/windbreaker) temperatures throughout the day, so we grabbed our stuff and headed to a meeting area to join our tour to Florence Italy. When we got off the bus there was a guided walking tour ending at a shopping plaza where we became "self guided". We saw lots of stuff for sale (especially leather goods) and lots of other tourists (turns out that there were three other cruise ships in port at the same time). We even went to the school where they teach leather making. They were sure proud of their wares - no sales to us. Then off to our constant quest - where's the rest room. We found a nice restaurant, had some of their excellent Italian pizza, and several glasses of their fine house Chianti. And, of course, they allowed us paying customers to use their rest room. We flowed back to the meeting place for the tour bus, and back to the ship. Nap time. Dinner time. The ship headed off to the port of Monte Carlo.