belated 50th Anniversary Cruise vacation
   Days 9, 10, 11 --- May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday are days at sea. More attempts by the ship to extract your money. Our tablemate Irene reported that at the jewelry "liquidation" auction, a piece that she had seen in the shop for 150 euros (and didn't buy because it was too high a price for that item) sold for 200 euros at the auction. I finished the Asimov stories. Bonnie found a book in the library that had been recommended by someone we met at breakfast - "Inspector Colbeck's Casebook" by Edward Marston. Cute short stories about a late 1800's Scotland Yard detective solving train-related crimes. And more Montana 600 while watching the water go by. Another formal attire night at dinner, hanging out at a lounge listening to a pianist/singer.

Friday at le Havre, we are almost a two hour trip to Paris. So expecting the Paris bus tour to be "yup, that's the Eiffel Tower", "yup, that's the Arc de Triumph", "yup, that there's the Louvre" (and maybe "yup, that's the Mona Lisa"), "OK, time to head back to the ship", we elected to see the half-scale building models, and the full size replica of the David statue by da Vinci, here in Las Vegas. It was a couple of miles from the port to any interesting part of La Havre, so yup, we stayed on the ship. Several people, including our tablemates, had recommended skipping the tour. Paris is not a one day visit. That evening we packed our two large suitcases, tagged them and left them outside of our door, to be transported tomorrow to the terminal facility. The ship is off to Southampton England.