belated 50th Anniversary Cruise vacation
   Day 4 --- April 27th, 2018

Friday morning we are closer to being on ship time, but we are still up early. At the Port of Monte Carlo we are not at a dock, so we need to go ashore using the ship's tenders. Again good walking weather. The tour we had selected was to Cannes France, a little over an hour away. It was "self guided" as in here's a map, be back to this location by 3:00. There were a lot of hills, but by then our "stairmastering" on the ship had prepared us for this tour. Went to the Museum of the Castle which had music in the courtyard, and surprisingly had artifacts from all around the world - from Eskimo ivory carvings to skull smashing clubs from the cannibals of Fiji. And of course they had rest rooms. For lunch, we were looking for something light, but the restaurants seemed to be providing lunch as the main meal of the day - too heavy for us. Found a little sandwich shop - better service than a lot of restaurants. Then up the hill to a fabulous farmer's market - too bad we didn't have a way to enjoy any of the fruits and vegies and cheeses and fish and meats and ... The meeting place for the bus was easy to find. So a little snooze on the bus, another on the ship.  Then  dinner time, formal attire this evening, with Matthew, Diva, Roger, Bonnie, Peter and Irene. And this evening we joined our English tablemates for a comedy show and a couple of after-dinner drinks. The ship is off to Barcelona Spain.