belated 50th Anniversary Cruise vacation
   Days 6, 7 --- April 29th & 30th, 2018

Sunday is a day at sea. We have a late large breakfast. We then skip lunch, the art auction, the jewelry auction, the watches bargain day, etc. Did some book reading. In the ship's library, Bonnie found an anthology of Isaac Asimov's science fiction short stories for me and a Mark Twain story for herself. And some game playing (Montana 600) - enjoying the sea view over the balcony. After dinner, "the girls" went to the Casino to try their luck. Bonnie did OK, the other two spent their limits.

Monday we arrived at Gibraltar. We had booked a tour of the caves and tunnels, but because it required people to be "physically fit" only six people signed up. The tour was cancelled, so we had breakfast and did a "self guided" tour - walked where ever looked interesting. Looking at a map, it looks like we walked eight or nine miles. Near the south end we found St. Joseph's Church and a couple of blocks away found it's abandoned old cemetery. Of course there was the "mandatory stop" - we found a great fish and chips and beer place. Even having shared one lunch, we ate lightly at dinner that evening. The ship is off to Lisbon Portugal.