March  2005

Of course for the beginning of the month we were still in Hawaii on the Big Island

But as soon as we got back, it was "work" for Roger.  Our Nevada Southern Railway excursion train was about to begin operation beginning in April.  I had committed to writing an Emergency Response Procedure, coordinating it with the Fire and Police departments, and teaching a training class - all before the end of March.  Once I had drafted a procedure, I invited the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, and the City Engineer for a ride on the train so that we could agree on rendezvous point that were both good stopping points for the train and had good access for emergency vehicles.

With our British Auto Club, we had a driving tour of Boulder City, and were treated to a tour of the very private Cascata Golf Course owned by Caesar's Entertainment.  It is a "by invitation only" course reserved for their highest "high rollers".  Cascada is Italian for waterfall, which is the signature feature of the course.  A recirculating (pumped) waterfall that runs through a few holes of the course, through the center of the clubhouse, and on through a series of falls in the parking area.  When people are to play the course, they are naturally brought by limosine.  By the time they arrive, there are brass plaques engraved with their names on the wood panelled lockers (closets, really), and golf towels embroidered with their names.  Getting hungry?  Your personal caddy can call your request to the chef and have your meal delivered anywhere on the golf course.  Not bad.
How quickly Easter arrived. 
The day was spent with friends and family.  We ran out of time, so there were no decorated Easter Eggs this year - just the usual lots-of-food.
Because of the wet weather in the early spring, the news reports were full of stories about the abundant wildflowers - even in Death Valley.  So we decided to take a drive from Las Vegas to Kingman Arizona, to Oatman Arizona, to Laughlin Nevada, and then back to Las Vegas.  We did see some wildflower fields, but I think that we might have been a week or two too late to see the peak blooming.
In Kingman we stopped at the Andy Devine Museum - a tribute to his cowboy roles in film.  Lots of memoribilia, including this wooden caboose.  What kind of cowboy movie would it be if it didn't include a train?
Leaving Kingman, we followed the Old Route 66 highway to Oatman. In the little tourist trap town of Oatman, the burros have free run of the town.  They mostly just stand around, but that standing might be in the center of the street blocking traffic.
While in Laughlin, we walked along the river, had a train ride at one of the casinos, and explored the car Museum at another casino.  This display sure would be a highlight for Lance.
Then the long, but uneventful drive back to Las Vegas.

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