April  2005

From Anchorage Alaska, Dave (son of my friends John and Lovedy, friends since Junior High) and his wife Amber were in town for Dave's conference on commercial lighting.
At the railroad museum, it was paint the caboose time.  Using two-part epoxy, we primed and painted all in one day.
Because of the paint solvents, we all had to wear breathing filters, and the fellow painting (since he was the closest to the fumes) wore a full respirator.
Grandaughter Christina came to visit, and her friend Deserai from Temecula joined us.
Kathy later joined us and enjoyed some of our warm weather by going hiking with Bonnie's hiking group.
Then it was girl's time.  Deserai returned home.  Bonnie, Kathy and Christina flew to Dallas to see Tara.  Christina went on to stay with a friend in the area while Bonnie, Kathy and Tara went exploring.
Frank and his daughter Natalie joined them on the weekend.
Back to Las Vegas and our weekend activity - helping to run the Nevada Southern Railway excursion train.  The smile on Jimmy's face reflects thee fact that Christina was taking the picture - he had all three generations in the cab.
On their second hike of the month, I joined Bonnie's hiking group on the Ring of Fire trail.
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